FiveM Asset Escrow System

FiveM Escrow is the asset protection system that FiveM provides to all content creators on the platform, which will encrypt most of the purchased assets to protect them. This system prevents all types of client dumps to keep yours and our resources secure no matter which server they're on.

Common Errors / Issues

Failed to verify protected resource

Files were possibly corrupted during transfer.

Ensure the encrypted files are copied; the .fxap file must be included.

You lack the required entitlement

Your server is using a Cfx/FiveM server license key that is not linked to the initial purchase, meaning the resource(s) were purchased on the wrong Cfx/FiveM account.

It could also be that you've installed the asset without having restarted your server previously, restart the server to verify that this is not the case.

Syntax error </1> or something similar

The problem can be caused by several factors. Maybe you do not have the artifact version higher than +4960, be sure to use that artifact version or higher. You can get your latest Linux or Windows artifacts here.

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