Thank you for purchasing the trucking job, here you can learn the basic instructions to install the resource and get it running. As long as each step is followed correctly, there should ne issues!

It's recommend that you read each step carefully without skipping any lines, since all documentation is important and should not be ignored under any circumstances.

Download The Asset

To find and download the asset, you must have made the purchase using your own Cfx/keymaster account. Otherwise, you can use keymasters transfer system to transfer the asset to a different Cfx/keymaster account.

Once the purchase is made on our official website, you will receive your asset directly in your keymaster, in your own panel you can download the asset and install it following the following documentation.

If you have more problems regarding Fivem Escrow, accounts or asset startup errors you can go here and see if any of them match your case.

pageFiveM Asset Escrow System

Dependencies (Required)

This asset has some dependencies that are mandatory. If you do not have these dependencies, your asset will probably not start and/or have some error messages in its command console.

Dependencies (Optional)

Asset Order

You need to make sure assets start in the correct order, if something goes wrong you will probably get errors about exports not found, do not skip this step!

Make sure the order of assets are correct in your server.cfg file.

-- First, frameworks required
ensure es_extended or qb-core

-- All other resources including
ensure gs-trucking


If using QBCore no changes to the database are required

SET @job = 'trucker';
SET @job_name = 'Trucker';

INSERT INTO `jobs` (name, label, whitelisted) VALUES
  (@job, @job_name, 0)

INSERT INTO `job_grades` (job_name, grade, name, label, salary, skin_male, skin_female) VALUES
  (@job, 0, 'driver', 'Driver', 0, '{}', '{}')

QBCore (shared.lua or jobs.lua)

This step is ONLY required for QBCore framework servers

Place the following in your shared.lua or jobs.lua depending on what version of QBCore you're running located in "qb-core/shared"

trucker = { 
    label = 'Trucker', 
    defaultDuty = true, 
    offDutyPay = false, 
    grades = { 
        ['0'] = { 
            name = 'Driver', 
            payment = 0


The following are the basic requirement's to get started with your framework. Open the 'shared/config.lua' and follow the steps below...

Set your framework resource ("qbcore" or "esx")

- Framework: qbcore, esx
Config.Framework = "qbcore"

Set your third eye resource (ox_target, qb-target, or inside-interaction)

Note: You can set this to false to use ox_lib's nui text or the classic Help Text message. Third eye isnt required!

-- Targeting System: ox_target, qb-target, inside-interaction (if you changed the targeting system resource names, leave false to use default help message)
Config.Target = 'ox_target'

-- Targeting system resource name (if you changed the resource names of ox_target, bt-target, or qb-target, inside-interaction leave false to use default) 
Config.TargetName = false

For more advanced configurations, please visit the Advanced Configurations section.

You can also join the discord for updates, player shared configs, and support.

pageAdvanced Configuration

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