You can modify the lua script related to your framework or use the standalone to customize your own solutions. Depending on the framework you chose, these functions may look different.

Registered Item

This is used to configure a useable item within your framework if enabled

-- Purpose: Register a usable item
-- item [string]: Item name
-- cb [function]: Callback function
function RegisterUsableItem(item, cb)

Failed Entry

This function is triggered when a player fails the lockpick / forced entry minigame. You can use this for a skills system, mental state or whatever you wish. Or leave it empty.

-- Purpose: Function to handle failed entry (lockpick minigame failed)
-- source [int]: Player server ID
function FailedEntry(source)


Remove Item

This function is triggered to handle removing the forced entry item if minigame is failed.

-- Purpose: Function to remove item from player inventory
-- source [int]: Player server ID
function RemoveItem(source)
    if not Config.ForcedEntry.Item then return end


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