You can chose which framework works best for you. You can also set it to standalone to build it around you own custom framework

Config.Framework = 'qb'                                                   -- Framework used (esx/qb/standalone)


Modify the interaction keybind and the keybind to the (un)lock the stash.

Config.Keybind = "E"                                                        -- Keybind to interact with the RV (E)
Config.Keybind2 = "G"                                                       -- Keybind to lock the stash (G)

RV Offset

Enable/Disable "/rvoffset" command.

Config.EnableCommand = true                                                 -- Enable or disable the command to find rvoffsets (/rvoffset)

Forced Entry

The motorhome will be accessible via your frameworks key system or whatever you configure in the "HasOwnership" function. However you can enable/disable civilians and/or police to force entry giving them access to the motorhome and its stash - Enable/Disable the entire feature - Allow police jobs to gain entry - Allow civilians to gain entry (If you disable this and enable police, then ONLY police will be able to gain entry) - Modify the item name required to gain entry - Enable/Disable removing the item on failed entry - Remove item chance if gain entry was failed.. (0-100%) - Enable/Disable force entry command if you do not want to use an item - Modify the command name - Reset time (This is the amount of seconds after a successful lockpick until the stash is auto locked)

Config.ForcedEntry = {
    Enable = true,                                                          -- Enable or disable the forced entry
    AllowPolice = true,                                                     -- Allow police to access the RV (forcefully)
    AllowCiv = true,                                                        -- Allow civilians to rob the RV (forcefully)
    Item = "lockpick_kit",                                                  -- Item required to access the RV (forcefully)(Set to false if you don't want to register item)
    RemoveItem = true,                                                      -- Remove item after failed entry
    RemoveItemChance = 50,                                                  -- Chance to remove item after failed entry (50%)
    EnableCommand = false,                                                  -- Enable or disable the command to force entry (/forceentry)
    Command = "forceentry",                                                 -- Command to force entry
    ResetTime = 15 * 60,                                                    -- Time in seconds to reset the forced entry (15 minutes)(Set to false to disable)

Police Jobs

These are all of the player jobs you want to allow as police (Only applies to force entry mechanics)

Config.Police = {                                                           -- Jobs that can access the RV (forcefully)
    "police",                                                               -- Job name
    "bcso",                                                                 -- Job name
    "fib",                                                                  -- Job name

Player Drop

Enable/Disable the motorhomes stash to auto lock when the last player to unlock it disconnects from the server. (I recommend keeping this true, to prevent other players from accessing the stash if the owner disconnects for any reason)

Config.AutoLockOnPlayerDrop = true                                          -- Enable or disable the auto-lock on player drop / disconnect


This is where you can configure / add motorhome models.

  • stash: the offset of the stash location

  • door: the offset of the door location

  • wardrobe: the offset location of the wardrobe

  • doorId: the ID of the door you want to open/close when you interact with the door

  • extraId: the ID of the extra you want to enable/disable when you interact with the door

Config.Models = {
    [`MODEL_NAME`] = {                                                      -- Model name
        stash = vec3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0),                                        -- Stash offset position
        door = vec3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0),                                         -- Door offset position
        wardrobe = vec3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0),                                     -- Wardrobe offset position
        doorId = 0,                                                         -- Door ID
        extrasId = nil                                                      -- Extras ID

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